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We now offer Vituity’s On Duty® telehealth service. It helps employers reduce costs while providing convenience and high-quality healthcare to their employees.

Telehealth is available 24/7, employees can speak to experienced emergency physicians, who are able to resolve a wide range of medical issues in minutes. Unlike other telehealth services, Vituity’s custom-built On Duty® platform is staffed by board-certified physicians with real-life ER experience.

For more than four decades, Vituity has been a catalyst for positive change in healthcare. Vituity’s telehealth service is designed to prevent unnecessary hospital and urgent care visits while offering affordable, easy access to care.


Why Telehealth?

By 2020, The National Business Group on Health’s 2016 survey predicts that most employers will offer some type of virtual health coverage to their employees.

A recent article by Fortune Magazine shows the rate of growth of telehealth. It’s time to start offering this new benefit.



Reasons why you should add Telehealth to your business:

  • Reduces ER visits and costs – Telemedicine reduces the number of costly ER visits and inpatient hospital stays.
  • Easy access to healthcare for all – Care becomes easily accessible to communities with limited practitioners, and even fewer specialists.
  • Telehealth is insurance agnostic – Regardless of your insurance plan, telehealth is available to your company.  Telehealth is a stand-alone insurance product.
  • Telehealth is still perceived as cutting edge – Be seen as an innovative and forward-thinking employer.
  • Millennial preferred – For millennials, the desire for telemedicine will come naturally.

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Laura Sunday

Telehealth is a blessing! As an employer, I highly recommend it.

Jay Rogina

We saved $160K in 2 years. Unbelievable.

Jeff Irvin

We value their creativity and approach!

Shawn Harrison

"Best Broker I have worked with in my 17 years in business!"

Allen Gallaway

"I love them. Whenever I have a problem, they always answer fast."

Lakshmi Malroutu

"We can trust Mindful Insurance to advocate for us. They find the best solutions for us."

Matt Rogina

"We saved over $150,000 in two years!"

Alison Tudor

"They increased our operating budget by $85,000 by restructuring us."

Brian Heese

"We have been a client for 7 years and new solutions are presented every year!"

Robert Sanger

"Mindful Insurance is innovative and highly experienced with nonprofits."

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