Auburn, CA


    $78K per year


KidZCommunity do not pay any co-pays any longer.


Until KidZCommunity’s worked with us, their employee healthcare costs increased yearly by 8% to 12%.
Additionally, they had no control over the yearly increases and no control over the design of their healthcare plan.
Also, they never received a return of premium from their insurance company.
Lastly, KidZCommunity would receive multiple invoices every month from multiple insurance carriers. This was a difficult task to manage.
All and all, employees had diminished benefits.



KidZCommunity first went through our Wholistic Mindful Assessment. We made many recommendations and created a tailored plan for their needs.

The results of the Mindful Methodology speak for themselves:

    1. Employees do not pay co-pays for any health care services any longer
    2. Enjoy Savings of $52K/year placed into a Mindful Reserve Account
    3. Can Now Control and Preserve Future Healthcare Costs
    4. Have Consolidated and Streamlined all Billing and Invoices
    5. Have Reduced Healthcare Premiums
    6. Have Increased Employee Benefits