Community Contribution

We support our local community in many ways.
In our everyday business, we make a serious difference for our clients by going above and beyond our client’s expectations by:

  • Contribute 1%-3% of our Commission to Organizations

  • Offering complimentary Onboarding Software ($1/PEPM)

  • Giving complimentary Cal-OSHA posters ($25/ea)

  • Offering complimentary consulting services

  • Offering complimentary Concierge services to Organizations ($500 value)

  • Provide complimentary Triage services to Organizations ($85/per call)

We are involved with a number of councils and advisory panels:

Region IX Head Start Board Member

Yolo Hospice Committee Member

California Head Start Association Trainer

Tangram Insurance Advisory Council Member

Riverport Insurance Advisory Council Member

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We have given back $750,000 in the last few years.

We submit grants on behalf of worthy organizations. Here is a list of previous awardees:

Asian Pacific Community Counseling

Mar Vista Family Center


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