Sonora, CA


    $18,000 annually

Center for Non-Violent Community

Center for Non-Violent Community saves 25% yearly on their Worker’s Compensation Insurance costs.


After going through an extensive Worker’s Compensation Audit, their Worker’s Comp insurance costs increase significantly.
While doing our Mindful Analysis, we discovered that the worker’s comp codes had been reclassified and this had resulted in cost 3x higher than previously.



Once we completed our Mindful Analysis, we made many recommendations and implemented some action items.
One of these included the drafting and submission of an audit dispute letter to the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carrier.

We recommended a restructuring of the organization. This new structure justified the re-classification of the worker’s comp codes and reduced costs. Due to this innovative strategy, we won the appeal and helped the client decrease their worker’s comp by 25% yearly.