Jan Rogina 
Principal - Spinitar

"We saved $160K in 2 years with
Mindful Insurance Solutions."

Shawn Harrison 
Founder and Co-Director - Soil Born Farms

"Best broker I have worked with in my 17 years in business."

Jeff Irvin 
Principal - Spinitar

"No more yearly increases!
Thank you Mindful Insurance Solutions."

Denyse Cardoza 
Executive Director - Placer Community
Action Council
We saved $148,000 with
Mindful Insurance Solutions."
Sean Harrison 
Founder and Co-Director - Soil Born Farms
"Best Broker I have worked with in my 17 years in business!"
Mathew Regina 
CFO - Vocational Improvement Program
In only 2 years, we saved over $150K. Thank you Mindful!

Who we are?

We are Mindful Insurance, your strategic advisor, and provider of insurance solutions for nonprofits.  Different? Absolutely. We are not in the business of selling insurance. What we do instead is, we restructure benefits and assets, we reengineer insurance products, and invent new services.

Utilizing our Proprietary Mindful Methodology ™, we use our Wholistic Assessment to provide innovative recommendations and tailored solutions.

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Our Manifesto

We are fanatical about improving the world. We improve the lives of each and every person we meet and serve.  We believe that kindness is important in our daily lives and we want to spread it.

We tailor insurance products for each organization. We create innovative strategies that make a deep difference in organizations and peoples lives. We save thousands of dollars for our clients. We increase the quality and reduce the cost of employee benefits.

Our Proprietary Mindful
Methodology ™

Wholistic MINDFUL Assessment

We review, the goals and risks of the organization, what’s in place, the corporate structure and its assets.

Our Innovative Recommendations

We offer innovative recommendations tailored to your organization.

Implementation of Tailored Solutions

We put in place products and services that enhance and your increase services to meet community needs.

Our Transparent Review

We regularly review our products and services to tailor the best at all times.

Annual Performance Report

We stay ahead of all new that is available and update regularly our service offering.

Our Proprietary Mindful
Methodology ™

Our Mindful Commodities

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