October 2022 – Big Changes for Dual-Wage Class Codes

AS INFLATION drives up salaries in all sectors, the workers’ compensation wage thresholds for construction dual class codes have increased in California as of Sept. 1, 2022.
State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara in July approved the recommendation by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau to increase the wage thresholds for highwage workers.
The new rates apply to workers’ comp policies that incept on or after Sept. 1.
In these dual class codes, workers’ compensation rates are different for workers above and below the wage threshold.
Rates are lower for workers whose hourly pay is above the threshold as statistics have shown higher-paid workers in these fields have fewer workplace injuries than those who are paid less.
Often the difference in premium rate between the workers who fall above and below the threshold can be significant.
Opposite are the new thresholds for each class code, that are now in effect.

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