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    Laura Sunday

    Telehealth is a blessing! As an employer, I highly recommend it.

    Jay Rogina

    We saved $160K in 2 years. Unbelievable.

    Jeff Irvin

    We value their creativity and approach!

    Shawn Harrison

    "Best Broker I have worked with in my 17 years in business!"

    Allen Gallaway

    "I love them. Whenever I have a problem, they always answer fast."

    Lakshmi Malroutu

    "We can trust Mindful Insurance to advocate for us. They find the best solutions for us."

    Matt Rogina

    "We saved over $150,000 in two years!"

    Alison Tudor

    "They increased our operating budget by $85,000 by restructuring us."

    Brian Heese

    "We have been a client for 7 years and new solutions are presented every year!"

    Robert Sanger

    "Mindful Insurance is innovative and highly experienced with nonprofits."