Coronavirus – Our toolkit to answer all your questions

We have put together a full toolkit answering all the questions you may have regarding the Coronavirus. Let us know if you still have any other questions.


CDC guide for the workplace

The CDC developed a guide for the workplace. Download it here.

FAQ’S on laws enforced by the CA Labor Commissioner’s Office

Get all the answers regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) here.

Information from the California Employment Development Department

Read everything about the Corona Virus from the EDD here.

Prevention information from SHRM

Read here.

Questions about your Commercial Insurance Coverage?

In light of recent news about COVID-19 (coronavirus), several clients have asked us questions about coverage. Every claim is reviewed based on the facts of the particular claim. It is the facts of the claim which dictate whether there is coverage or not under the language of the policies. With that caveat, and with an encouragement to review the policy forms as they apply to the particular claim,  this is a general summary:

  • Business income it is not recoverable under the property policy for the coronavirus, most policies  both contain a virus and bacteria exclusion that can be found in the property section.
  • Commercial General Liability policy may respond to the extent the member is found negligent and a claim is not otherwise excluded.
  • Workplace Violence/Crisis Incident/Outside Aggressor Coverage found in the General Liability does not apply.


Attention !

Latest info about Corona Virus and your insurance plan - click here  
We are closely following CDC recommendations and when appropriate, we telecommute.  All client meetings are done via Zoom. 
At Mindful Insurance Solutions, our top priority has always been to deliver best-in-class service to our clients.  We chose the name “Mindful” precisely to be “present and willing to do something” with our clients, and that’s what we always strive to be—present with you in your business. To ensure that we remain true to our name during the current coronavirus pandemic, we are taking every precaution possible to protect the health and safety of our team and their families. Our team is now working at the office, following all CDC guidelines for working in an office and when needed, we are working remotely. Our physical office location is open but all client meetings are via the Zoom platform. We continue to be readily accessible to you. Your emails and phone calls/voicemails will be answered as usual, and our Mindful Insurance professionals will work to meet your needs in all the ways you have come to expect from us. We understand that insurance is a people-oriented industry, and Mindful prides itself on being a people-oriented company.  But while there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, it is prudent to curtail such interaction as much as possible until things return to normal.  Therefore, Mindful also stands ready to interact with you via remote video/teleconferencing as desired. These extraordinary steps are necessary to preserve the health of our team and to help curtail the spread of the virus while upholding our commitment to you, our clients.  On behalf of the entire Mindful team, I want to thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times.  We wish you, your families and your teams much good health. In your service, stay healthy and safe, William Donaldson President / CEO

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