Biography – Bill Donaldson

Bill’s career started in Seattle in the early 80’s in business banking, with specialized training from the American Institute of Banking (AIB) and a finance degree from Columbia Pacific University.

Shortly after, Bill started volunteering in the community with United States Triathlon Series and a few years later, with Head Start. In 1985, Bill moved from Seattle, Washington to Davis, CA.

Bill has spent 20 years in the non-profit sector serving in a multitude of positions from line staff to executive roles. He thoroughly understands partnerships and collaboration and has proven his ability to bring groups and individuals together for a common cause throughout California. Bill was instrumental in utilizing a Domestic Peace Corps program, known as AmeriCorps, in social and health services, where it had never been done before. This effort led to maximizing nonprofit existing resources, therefore expanding services, and building partnerships throughout California.

Bill is highly recognized for his creative management solutions to address administrative, fiscal and program needs of non-profits. For the last fifteen years, he has served as a full-service insurance advisor and has a proven track record with current clients to reduce overhead, maximize employee benefits and increase efficiencies in all areas of non-profit administration.

Bill has been a guest speaker on several issues regarding leveraging existing resources, assessing liabilities of the organization, understanding benefits and developing tailored specific employee benefit packages with various organizations and for conferences.

Bill serves as the President, Strategic Advisor and Chairman of the Board for Mindful Insurance Solutions, Inc. He is excited about his role and he acts as a change agent in many cases, negotiating strategically to benefit the clients.

Bill is also a council member for two insurance carriers specializing in non-profits and is an executive board member of the Region IX Head Start Association, Finance Committee Member of Yolo Hospice. In addition, Bill is a trainer for the California Head Start Association and advisor for the Training & Leadership Community.

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